Don’t be so quick to judge that new logo

11 July 2017 — It’s easy to be a critic. It’s hard to hold judgment at bay and consider timing, context, and long-term objectives. Stuart Sproule, Landor’s president of North America, explains why rash design opinions can be so off base.

By Stuart Sproule

The unfiltered CEO is good for your brand

26 June 2017 — Should brand leaders take a stand on social and political issues? Lois Jacobs, CEO of Landor, explains why having an unfiltered CEO is critical in today’s world.

By Lois Jacobs

Could wine be the new craft beer?

21 June 2017 — New brands, new packaging, new target markets: Today's wine brands are looking to break in with millennial consumers by evolving their offering. What lessons can they take from the craft beer boom? Bradley Reeves weighs in.

By Bradley Reeves

The Agility Paradox

6 June 2017 — How can brands stay competitive in today's fast-moving world—and which brands are doing it best? Landor’s Global Agile Brand Study examines the six behaviors of agility and takes a look at the top agile brands around the world.