10 things agile marketers do every day

12 April 2018 — Behind every agile brand is an agile marketer. And behind every agile marketer are 10 behaviors that help them make strong, effective decisions on behalf of their brand. Nick Foley discusses.

By Nick Foley

CES 2018: Six trends shaking up business as usual

19 January 2018 — From voice technology to connected ecosystems, CES 2018 brought numerous new products to the fore. Senior strategists Jessie Behm and Kim Tan lay out the six trends you need to know.

By Jessie Behm and Kim Tan

M&A in 2018: Brand on the bottom line

17 January 2018 — What's to come for M&A in 2018? Nick Cooper, our executive director of insights and analytics, weighs in on five key M&A trends and what they mean for their respective industries.

By Nick Cooper

Trend Watch 2018: The Next Five

27 November 2017 — Which trends will most impact brands in the coming decade? Landor's Trend Watch 2018: The Next Five lays out five global, cross-category shifts headed our way.

By Michelle McCarthy and Trevor Wade