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Festive branding with purpose

7 December 2018 — While the holidays are a great time to engage with consumers, it's also a time when competition is at its peak. How does a brand stand out while staying true to its identity?


Industry heroes: Walter Landor

29 November 2018 — Branding and design pioneer Walter Landor had an approach that would be just as relevant even today, says Landor's Nick Foley

By Nick Foley
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How brands can succeed with social purpose:

19 November 2018 — A look at brands’ evolving commitment to cause Marie Minyo, Executive Director, Client Services, Landor Consumers have long expected the brands they support to care about more than their bottom lines. They...


What matters for hospitality brands today

27 August 2018 — Hospitality branding goes far beyond logos and labels in today’s complex marketplace. Lulu Raghavan lays out five ways that hospitality brands can maximize their business potential.

By Lulu Raghavan