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Breaking the taboo: Brands in Asia need their own approach

13 March 2019 — At a global level, companies are making increasingly bold attempts to address social issues. Only recently we’ve seen Gillette hold fast amid a sea of controversy in its stance against toxic masculinity, and Barbie has raised awareness of the need to “close the dream gap” between girls and boys. These initiatives have had tangible impact in Western markets, but in Asia tackling social issues will involve market-specific insight, innovation and investment.

By Emily Sheen
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When is a brand experience valuable?

8 February 2019 — The persistent danger is that brands create experiences for experience’s sake rather than in the service of a particular objective, says Thomas Sutton.

By Thomas Sutton
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Festive branding with purpose

7 December 2018 — While the holidays are a great time to engage with consumers, it's also a time when competition is at its peak. How does a brand stand out while staying true to its identity?

By Sanjana Mathur and Shan Khan