What made a logo great

18 January 2017 — Creating purpose, driving distinctiveness, increasing visibility, establishing memorability. What is a logo really meant to accomplish? Wally Krantz explains what historically made—and still makes—a logo great.

By Wally Krantz

The world of tomorrow, as told by CES

13 January 2017 — Fragmentation, storytelling, experimentation: How will these factors influence branding and technology in the coming years? Thomas Sauvage lays out insights and observations from CES.

By Thomas Sauvage

Why Netflix’s new icon is a lesson in mobile branding

9 November 2016 — For many companies, branding began with a wordmark. It expanded into logos, visual assets, and even experiences. But in a world of tech, how should brands adapt? Nick Foley discusses Netflix’s new icon built specifically for mobile.

By Nick Foley

Brand-led business transformation

25 October 2016 — Should companies focus on building a strong brand or building a strong business? Lulu Raghavan and Ruchi Gunewardene explain why brand-led business transformation results in both stronger brands and increased business value.

By Lulu Raghavan and Ruchi Gunewardene