Perspectives 2014

Welcome to the sixth annual edition of Landor’s Perspectives. As always, we are pleased to bring you this collection of our best thinking on the ever-evolving world of business and branding.

We at Landor are constantly exploring what makes brands successful and why consumers behave as they do. In these articles you’ll find some of the tools and strategies we’ve developed to support our clients and contribute to their success. These include examples from across the broad spectrum of industries we partner with, from airlines and apparel to technology and health care, from groundbreaking industry leaders to smaller brands with big ideas.

We hope this edition of Perspectives will provide you with provocative ideas for your own business and branding challenges. We also invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, On Deck, to keep up with the latest from Landor.

Perspectives 2014 is also offered as an iBook in the iBookstore (in countries where available).

Read selected articles from Perspectives 2014: