Why do sports brands rebrand? Landor’s Peter Knapp discusses with CNBC

From Formula One to Manchester United, sports rebrands are appearing at every turn. So why do some rebrands invigorate fans, while others fall flat? Peter Knapp, Landor’s chief creative officer, sat down with CNBC to discuss.

Sports brands rebranding: Manchester City identity on Etihad Stadium

Knapp explained that purpose is key to help a rebrand resonate with consumers. Without that, there’s a gap—consumers don’t understand why the change was necessary. “Brands rebrand when they have something new to bring to the market,” Knapp stated. “Something has changed, and they want people to recognize that they need to be reconsidered.”

A New Era Awaits | 2018 F1 Logo Reveal

While Formula One’s rebrand represented the sport well from a design perspective, the reason for the rebrand appeared unclear to many fans, who received it with lukewarm enthusiasm. Knapp compared Formula One’s efforts with the much-panned rebrand of the Leeds United football club and the much-celebrated rebrand of the Manchester City football club to explain the critical differences.

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