Wake up with Landor: How branding turbocharges business

On 19 April, Landor Mumbai hosted its first Wake Up with Landor event at the Trident Hotel, bringing together the city’s industry professionals for learning and discussion. We were honored to speak with B. Karthik, Mahindra Group’s general brand manager of corporate brand management and business transformation.

B. Karthik discussed Mahindra’s desire to become one of the world’s top 50 most admired brands by 2021. He also outlined the way that Mahindra’s partnership with Landor—creating a look and feel system, brand voice, brand architecture, and brand guidelines—has helped the organization meet its branding and business goals. We talked with B. Karthik about these tenets of a successful branding program:

A brand is a business accelerator—and a megaphone

As Mahindra grew globally and acquired new companies, it needed to build a brand that effectively communicated its business ambitions and evolving story across a wide range of industries.

Branding is not just a change in logo

Mahindra’s new wordmark, brand voice, and visual identity are natural outcomes of its fresh brand philosophy, Rise. A new graphic element, inspired by the ridges of Mount Everest, illustrates the Mahindra Group’s desire to climb to the top of all the sectors in which it is active.

Brand building starts on the inside

For three years, Mahindra’s corporate council evangelized Rise internally and integrated it into its business strategies before launching it to the world.

A brand is a new way of doing business—and a new business driver

Today, Mahindra’s businesses are driven by their ambition to be one of the world’s most admired global brands by 2021, and as the company charges on, looks for products and services that reflect its business goal, Rise.

A brand is a lubricant—and a glue

Mahindra’s brand architecture system organizes its business verticals, streamlines its processes, and binds the group together in the most efficient way possible.

A brand guardian must live and breathe the brand

Anand Mahindra, chair and managing director of the Mahindra Group, is a leader who embodies the brand’s philosophy without resorting to sermonizing.

Social media is part of the larger brand landscape

Mahindra’s social media strategies continue to be brand-led, with its brand guidelines detailing the way forward.

Brand building is a journey, not a destination

Mahindra maintains that it has walked just a few feet in its journey of a million miles.