Wake up with Landor: Branding from the experience out

In December, the Kuala Lumpur office of Landor Associates hosted the fifth installment of the popular Wake Up with Landor breakfast series. Attended by 32 representatives from Malaysia’s leading companies, the session’s theme was “branding from the experience out.” Jonathan Aeberhard of GA Brand Design joined Nick Foley, president of Landor in the Southeast Asia and Pacific regions, to explore how organisations can create memorable brand experiences that establish powerful consumer connections.

Wake Up with Landor: Kuala Lumpur

The presenters used an innovative approach to illustrate the benefits of creating brand experiences. GA Brand Design’s work in the hospitality sector gave tangible examples of how branding and design create meaningful experiences, establish a premium price position, and provide brand differentiation in the hotel industry.

Key themes of the session covered the importance of agency and client collaboration and the value of assessing ideas in an unrestricted and free-spirited manner to ensure that brands consistently challenge the status quo and category conventions.

“The Kuala Lumpur event once again demonstrates Landor’s thought leadership on a broad range of topics influencing brands in Asia. Picking Kuala Lumpur for our fifth session, following the opening of our new office, establishes our commitment to the Malaysian market and our current clients,” commented Nick Foley.

Dominic Twyford, client director of Landor Kuala Lumpur said, “Given the success of the event and our desire to stimulate debate about branding in Malaysia, there is every chance that we will build on our first Wake Up with Landor and arrange a second session in 2014.”