Virtual reality beyond gaming: Mark Frankel talks VR with eMarketer

With an enormous amount of discussion and hype surrounding virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), Mark Frankel, executive creative director of Landor San Francisco, chatted with eMarketer about making use of the technology in practical, business-impactful ways.

Virtual reality headset

When it comes to purposeful uses for VR, one of the best is visualization. Frankel explained, “Landor uses VR to help clients envision event spaces during the planning process. VR can be very valuable in terms of helping clients make a decision.” He elaborated, “I don’t know if one industry is better equipped for VR than another. It’s a matter of thinking about VR from a brand perspective. How do you create experiences that are true to the brand, rather than something that’s a gimmick?”

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