Unifying spirit, voice, and movement, Landor’s work for ODC wins a Graphis Gold

Spirit, unity, voice, movement. As a contemporary dance institution with long-standing roots in San Francisco, ODC needed an identity to encompass the physical motion, human touch, and warmth of the dancers it works with. ODC turned to Landor for help, looking to capture this essence in a complete visual system.

ODC: Unifying spirit, voice, and movement

Born from the movement of paper floating through air, ODC’s identity curves and twists like a dancer in space. It is strong, fluid, and unafraid of the subtle imperfections that make it unique. Like ODC, the new identity highlights world-class sophistication and approachability, coming to life through dynamic typography and bold imagery to establish a distinct visual style for ODC.


The new visual system also unifies three ODC organizations into one—a professional dance company, a community-based school, and a performing arts theater. The new branding launched during ODC’s spring performance season, “Dance Downtown.” It appeared on buses, transit stops, and public spaces throughout San Francisco. Design of environmental signage and graphics, as well as a video ident to begin each performance, further exemplified the core of ODC.


Landor’s work for ODC was awarded a gold Graphis award for branding in its 2017 Design Annual.

Many thanks to the Landor and ODC teams for their hard work.


Photography by RJ Muna and Andrew Weeks.

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