Thomas Ordahl. Keynote speaker. Brite conference 2017.

How can brand managers effectively guide their brands in today’s fast-paced world? In his keynote address at Columbia Business School’s Brite Conference, our chief strategy officer, Thomas Ordahl, tackles this very question. He considers how branding has evolved and lays out new factors that brand managers should consider. And he explains why the Brand Community Model is the path forward for brands.

Brands Gain Relevance By Losing Control

From the three communities every brand manager should identify to the three levels of brand expressions all brand managers need to consider, the Brand Community Model can help brand managers understand the factors at play within their own organizations. It offers leadership new techniques to guide their businesses and brands more flexibly. And it helps brand managers delegate and prioritize more effectively. The result: better integration between your brand and internal audiences, more engagement with the brand from external audiences, and a more agile brand overall.

Brand Community Model framework

To learn more, read our full study, “Revolutionizing the way we manage brands: The Brand Community Model.”

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