#TheNext5: Landor Russia shares the five factors that will impact brands in the next five years

MOSCOW (24 May 2017) — In honor of its fifth anniversary in Russia, international branding and design firm Landor presents its #TheNext5 forecast of global changes for businesses around the world, revealing how upcoming disruptions will impact brands in different sectors.

“In the next five years brands will experience bigger disruptions than they have seen in the last 15,” noted Emma Beckmann, managing director of Landor Moscow. “Many long-standing brands will fall victim to digital-savvy competitors because traditional approaches to branding have become outdated. Our forecast on the upcoming disruptions and innovations in branding explains what companies need to focus on in today’s constantly shifting environment to support a strong brand, retain audiences, and win new clients.”

Rapid technological development is impacting every area of life. It is hanging how people think and interact with each other, and replacing old habits with new algorithms designed to handle everyday tasks. Changing consumer behavior means that brands need to be flexible. Landor has identified the main factors that will change the branding market in #TheNext5 years:

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1. The new era of digital consumption will require brands to focus on accessibility, transparency, and utility

More and more companies will integrate technology into their business models, increasing accessibility and transparency for clients, while offering goods and services where and when consumers need them. Consumers will choose brands that make their lives easier based on the opinions and recommendations of others, whether through a TripAdvisor-style rating system or reviews on social media. This trend will drive social commerce and also lead to a transformation of traditional retail, which will be looking for ways to retain its audience.

Today, young Russian brands are already promoting their goods and services through Instagram. This trend has not gone unnoticed; last year Instagram introduced a function allowing users to buy products without leaving the app. This option will soon be available in Russia as well.

2. New forms of communication will change the brand/customer relationship

New technology will allow brands to communicate with consumers on an individual basis, focusing specifically on that customer’s interests. Ads will be more personalized and brands will get “closer” to consumers by communicating through messengers. Bots and machine learning will help brands switch from monologues to dialogues, and virtual reality will help to emotionally engage with audiences. Brand content will also evolve; as platforms become more accessible, more and more brands will create stories and publish them on their own platforms.

Today, a team at Tinkoff Bank is already working on TJ, an online publication that addresses how to manage money. By the number of views, some TJ articles already compete with traditional media outlets.

3. New forms of mobility will change how consumers approach travel

People will choose new modes of transport and ways to get around, and owning a car will have fewer benefits compared to car The development of driverless cars will open up opportunities for new productsand services. Alternative fuels will become more widespread and consumers will more actively switch to electric cars.

Today, car-sharing in Moscow is already 5.5 times more popular than it was a year ago. Russia’s largest internet company has launched an application called “Yandex.Car sharing” to help people find available cars, and Tesla will soon open an office in Russia.

4. New production technologies and materials will revolutionize product design and packaging

3-D printing and further automation of manufacturing will make product personalization accessible, enabling consumers to implement changes in product design and choose unique sets of options. Smart packaging will track the freshness of groceries, making it possible to order more in one click. With time, innovative materials will replace glass and plastic, and brands will explore new effective ways to recycle, moving toward becoming more environmentally friendly. 

Today, customers can already create their own sneaker designs through the Nike iD section of Nike’s Russian online store. It offers features like choosing different colors and logo placements, as well as option for other decorative elements.

5. Blockchain will create a unique platform for interaction

Blockchain technology will be accessible to everyone, making it easy to check and track brand promises, authenticity, and transparency. The end result: a boost in consumer trust with regard to manufacturers’ products.

Today, Sberbank is already in the process of launching an experimental system for document processing between state companies based on blockchain technology. The first stage will be used by the Federal Antimonopoly Service, Aeroflot, UAC, Russian Coal, and ForteInvest.

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