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In 2017, brands won’t be able to merely offer consumers a product, service, or experience. Consumers are demanding more from brands—everything from the most advanced technology to new, innovative interactions and simple, streamlined interfaces. Stuart Sproule, Landor’s president of North America, chatted with Marketing Daily about the 2017 trends we should expect to see.

Sproule commented, “While all of the trends Landor identified will shape brands in 2017, chatbots, minimalist package design, and kidulting will be among the most visible. These all reflect recent shifts in consumer behavior that brands can quickly latch on to. For example, chatbots, thanks to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, have become trusted companions for most people. Now a myriad of industries will be looking to adopt artificial intelligence not just with customers, but also with employees, to streamline communications and make it easier to acquire information and take action.”

Voice Shopping with Alexa

Sproule expanded on another major shift—namely how brands are managed: “Brand managers will orchestrate brands by community, allowing traditional brand marketing constituents, employees, and even passionate consumers to act on behalf of the brand,” Sproule says. “This style of governance enables brand managers to focus on strategic choices that benefit the brand and business rather than solely being ‘brand cops.’”

He also weighed in on a generational trend for millennials: kidulting. “Kidulting refers to a fundamental mindset shift,” Sproule noted. “As millennials are growing up, they’re dealing with new responsibilities (common to previous generations), but in a way that is more communal than in the past. Gone are the days when young adults would be quietly discontent about the difficulties of growing up. And that’s where kidulting comes in. It creates a balance by counteracting the adult responsibilities millennials are now dealing with each day.” He continued, “It lets them cut loose—not just by participating in a popular activity like playing soccer or taking an art class, as previous generations would have—but by taking that well-known activity and adding a whimsical, creative twist (such as playing bubble soccer). This lets millennial adults revert back to the carefree joy they felt as kids.”

Kidulting 2017 trends bubble soccer
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The opportunity, Sproule says, is “not just to create new products, services, and experiences, but also to create emotional relevance with consumers by showing that certain brands really get what their millennial audience is going through.”


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