Russian Consumer Insights

Landor recently hosted two events to discuss the findings of our research on Russian consumers. The first was held in London on 1 April, and the second took place in Moscow on 3 April.

Russian Consumer Insights: Overview

During the sessions, Landor’s country director of Russia, Emma Beckmann, and strategy director Matthew Kissane explored the nature of Russian consumers in 2014—what they expect, how they’ve changed over the past two decades, and how they differ from the stereotypes perceived in the West.

They also discussed the implications for brands, and why now (even during heated moments of political crisis) it’s more worthwhile than ever to invest in Russia.

A summary of our research can be found in Landor’s Russian Consumer Report: An introduction. You can also watch an extended video of the event to learn more about our insights.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact:

Emma Beckmann
Country Director, Russia