Landor and Emilgroup set a new standard in the ceramic industry

MILAN (6 March 2017) — With more than 50 years of history, Emilgroup is one of the most widely recognized and acclaimed names in the Italian ceramics industry. With that type of legacy, how can a brand stay relevant while also staying true to its roots?

Emilgroup came to Landor—a global leader in brand consulting and design—for help rebranding and reorganizing its subbrands. Through close collaboration, Landor developed an innovative new brand strategy for Emilgroup, leading to a visual identity that represents the company’s founding values in a contemporary new light.


“Emilgroup is a master brand represented by four well-established subbrands: Emilceramica, Ergon, Provenza, and Viva. Historically, each subbrand has communicated in its own way, with very limited connection to the master brand,” explained Landor strategist Fabio Pisano. “The main challenge was to create a common strategic platform with a flexible visual identity system. This allows Emilgroup to successfully convey its corporate values across its subbrands, while still helping to maintain the individuality of each one.”


To mobilize and create consensus among employees and stakeholders for the unified strategic platform, Landor and Emilgroup developed a manifesto to publicly declare the intentions of the master brand. It states: “Emilgroup believes that anything is possible, seeking perfection and transformation. Blending technology with imagination, we turn base elements into innovative design pieces.” From this manifesto a new identity was born. The logo captures the essence of Emilgroup: A geometric composition featuring an interconnected circle and square conveys the concept of “alchemy, knowledge, and experience,” which represents the fusion of ideas, expertise, and technology that makes Emilgroup so successful. In a literal sense, the squaring of the circle also provides a perfect symbol of both the artistic and functional aspects of ceramics.


The new visual identity builds greater recognition for Emilgroup by merging inspiration and functionality, making the brand stronger and more distinctive. And best of all, it will help Emilgroup optimize its marketing spending to thrive in the future.


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About Emilgroup

Since its foundation in 1961, Emilgroup has been one of the leading companies in the Italian ceramics industry. From its headquarters based in Italy, it designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes ceramic tiles for four commercial brands: Emilceramica, Ergon, Provenza, and Viva.

Emilgroup owns production plants in Italy with a capacity of over 9 million square meters per year. It produces more than 6,500 items that are distributed worldwide through sales offices and warehouses in Italy, the United States, Russia, Germany, India, and Hong Kong.

Emilgroup has a logistic organization capable of responding immediately to the needs of the global market: Its skilled team employs a market-oriented approach and provides tailor-made solutions for clients, from design to tile installation.

Production and process innovation are strategic keys that guide Emilgroup’s investments. An internal R&D department operates as a “creative workshop” where ideas and experiences are blended together with the latest technologies. This alchemy allows Emilgroup to create collections that leave their mark each and every year.

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