Landor and Artupia launch community-driven art platform for all

LONDON (16 March 2017)Global brand strategy and design firm Landor has partnered with Artupia, an online art marketplace based in London, to design and launch a new art platform that democratizes the art-buying process and fundamentally changes how art is valued, in real time.

Artupia brand expression

The art world is traditionally seen as exclusive and elitist: Transactions take place in auction houses behind closed doors and the public interacts with works of art in galleries from behind a cordon. Against this background, Artupia envisaged a platform that would remove barriers and transform an exclusive offline activity into a community-driven experience—creating an “art utopia” where art is for all, not just a select few.

Artupia uses an algorithm that places the action of art valuation in the hands of art lovers themselves. The starting value of a piece is calculated based on information the artist inputs, including the time taken, the dimensions, and the materials used; the value then increases based solely on user appreciation. This evaluation, driven upward by likes, shares, and purchases, creates a direct dialogue between artists and buyers, and ensures that art is valued fairly.

Artupia online apps

To create an authentic and unique art-buying experience, Landor took recognized visuals from art galleries and auction houses and transformed them to complement the Artupia brand story. Design cues from the art world have also been integrated into the user experience. The ritual of placing a sticker on bought artwork has been reinterpreted online: Art-lovers can show their appreciation for a piece they love or would purchase by using a sticker in the app that can directly impact the piece’s valuation. The white frame, seen on the app and website, is another nod to traditional iconography of art galleries.

Artupia stationery

Landor also developed an ever-evolving typeface to celebrate the artists of Artupia, bringing to life what is most unique to each artist: their signature. By using the first letter from each signature to craft a distinct monogram, the typeface reflects the organic growth of the community, evolving as each new artist joins the platform.

Artupia typography

Rebecca Barker, a design director at Landor, explained, “By replicating established rituals, we’ve sought to update analogue experiences for a digital platform. Traditional art world semiotics have been woven throughout the user journey and platform interface, reappropriated for the community, not just the individual. This allows buyers and artists alike to foster a genuine connection on the platform, which also directly influences the value of the piece in real time.”

Alberto Lina, CEO of Artupia, commented, “It was clear from the beginning that the team at Landor believed in our mission and ambition, and this is reflected in our iconic new brand. The digital experience brings to life our mission for the project: art for all. We are really excited to see our community of art lovers grow through the clever, impactful brand activations Landor has developed.”

Artupia activation

Artupia brought its ethos of art for all to city streets across Europe as part of its brand activation, using the hashtag #TakeMeHome. The campaign saw teams place 5,000 artworks in Berlin, Milan, and London—and then capture the public’s reaction. Undertaken in partnership with Landor, the campaign directly led to 10,000 website hits, over 800 app downloads, 600 more Instagram followers, and 700 new Artupia users.

Artupia launch

Artupia can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and its website.

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About Artupia

Artupia believes that all artists should be allowed to showcase their work to the world, and that all art lovers should be allowed to buy original, handmade art at a fair price. Art shouldn’t be restricted to galleries, and buying artwork shouldn’t be restricted to prints. Artupia invites all artists to upload their work to its site with no barriers, giving art lovers the opportunity to buy one-off pieces to suit all tastes and budgets.

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