How to estimate the brand equity benefits of an Olympic Games sponsorship

Every four to five years the spotlight falls on the Olympic Games. And it’s no different for brands. As an Olympic sponsor, this can be the biggest activity for your brand over the next decade – it’s an opportunity to tell your brand story at one of the most treasured and compelling brand events on Earth.

If the games are held in your brand’s native country or city, the hype is infinitely bigger. Not participating means potentially missing out on the chance to shine on a global stage.

Becoming an Olympic sponsor is a big investment in your brand – you don’t want to go to your board suggesting an investment just because “it feels right.” You’ll need figures, numbers, and data…a plan that is uniquely shaped, and one that is focused on brand-led growth.

The Landor & Fitch Olympic business case tool helps brands to understand the brand equity benefits of a partnership, gauge whether and how to approach it, and how to tell the right story in the most effective and meaningful way through their brand purpose.

Successful Olympic Games partnerships touch every aspect of the organization, and so it’s crucial that all of the elements are clearly defined for maximum growth potential and lasting impact.

Our objective and quantified methodology can help define the optimal sponsorship initiatives that improve your brand equity and reach. Powered by world-class data modeling and brand expertise, our we can support with the following:

  • Recommendations on how to approach an Olympic partnership, including the tiers, budgets, and whether to proceed
  • An evaluation of your current brand equity vs your competitors
  • The role of your brand in the partnership and the assets you will need
  • The tangible benefits of an Olympic partnership and the impact on your brand equity, business and culture
  • A business case with projected ROI to quantify the financial implications

Then once the initial stage is complete, we are able to really home in on the design detail: how should your sponsorship look, talk and feel at the big event?

We’ve been the selected partner working with brands for the Olympic Games for decades and we’ve found that real business growth comes through the power of extraordinary design; one which honors the brand purpose and identity in new and meaningful ways to really spark attention, joy and wonder.

One thing is for certain: with an Olympic sponsorship, brands can thrive and grow to reach new heights. But without the correct set-up, insights and brand strategy, the risk of wilting under mass scrutiny is very real.

Be prepared and go for gold.

To find out more, please contact Oriane Tristani, General Manager at Landor & Fitch Paris: [email protected]