Etihad Airways rebrand results in 17 percent growth

Etihad Airways was looking to gain market share and create a new legacy for its brand, so it turned to Landor for help. Drawing inspiration from the colors and polygonal patterns of the United Arab Emirates’ majestic sand dunes, Landor created a brand that exudes an aura of exclusivity and luxury. From the prismatic pillows to its premium lounges across the globe, Etihad’s brand promise speaks to consumers at every touchpoint.

Plane after Etihad Airways rebrand

In the period following the rebrand, Etihad has seen tremendous resulting growth. The Branding Journal conducted an analysis, stating: “Etihad’s growth trajectory continues on in 2015 […] with a 17% jump from previous year’s numbers.1 […] This spike in growth is evidenced from 2012 onwards, leading us to believe that the rebranding strategy indeed worked, transforming Etihad as a carrier bringing Abu Dhabi to the skies.”

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  1. Etihad posts 17 percent growth in passenger numbers,” Times of Malta (12 January 2016).