Authenticity, quality, dedication: Landor Milan partners with Pasta Armando 

MILAN (27 March 2017) – De Matteis Agroalimentare, one of the leading producers of durum wheat pasta in Italy, partnered with Landor Milan for a complete rebranding of its Pasta Armando brand. The goal: to better express the brand’s essence and values, while giving more visibility to its packaging on crowded supermarket shelves.

Pasta Armando before after

Pasta Armando is De Matteis’ factory brand, bearing the name of its president, Armando De Matteis. Founded in 2012, the primary goal of the brand is to offer consumers a high-quality, 100 percent Italian pasta. To do so, the brand established direct relationships with Italian farmers, operating under custom supply chain contracts. This unique business growth opportunity—The Armando Method—regulates the quality of grain selected for Armando products, allowing the brand to control the entire supply chain. In return, consumers receive the highest possible quality of Armando products.

To rebrand Pasta Armando, Landor worked with the De Matteis communications and ownership teams to develop a brand strategy highlighting the uniqueness of its business model and the authenticity of its product. Fabio Pisano, a strategist at Landor Milan, noted, “Pasta Armando is a brand that has many positive elements and values to express. The main challenge was putting just one into focus and communicating it in a way that directly links to the consumer benefit: a simple and authentic everyday product.”

Pasta Armando packaging

In collaboration with Armando’s key stakeholders, Landor identified strong potential for the brand to extend the Armando Method by offering new products, such as whole wheat, gluten-free, spelt, and legume-based pastas, that are in high demand from consumers.

“In a world where we are often surrounded by artificiality and inauthenticity, the very essence of genuine things and true relationships adds a differentiating element to our lives,” says Michele Genghi, creative director of Landor Milan. “We based the creative concept for Armando’s packaging and visual identity on the spontaneous experiences and shared relationships that occur while enjoying Armando’s pasta. The gestural signs at the base of the system are a visual translation of the brand’s values, helping to build a unique language in the world of pasta.”

Pasta Armando packaging

On the basis of this insight, Landor Milan developed a visual identity and package design for Armando guided by the company’s founding values, which express contemporary, colorful, and authentic.

“I believe that the brand identity perfectly represents all those who have become a part of our community. Our farmers, who dedicate their bodies and souls to ensuring the quality of our raw materials. All of us here at Armando, who live the mission of trying to do our best every day. And our clients, who identify with our values ​​and desires for the best possible product,” says Gabriella De Matteis, head of Armando brand communications. “Our identity will be visible on all brand touchpoints—from our new website and those of our partners to our social channels, products, and packaging.”

Pasta Armando brand

Consumers now have a pasta suitable for all taste preferences, a pasta that pleases both the eye and the palate. Pasta Armando is available in all major supermarkets across Italy.

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