The Agency Adventures: Cannes 2017

12 delegates. 7 days. 1 Cannes. We’re taking this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity by storm with new ways to check out everything happening on the ground. Follow our delegates on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for insights from the festival, images of the event, and spotlights on stunning work from around the world.

Cannes 2017 delegates

Check back at for updates or to request our Agency Adventures presentation, which will wrap up insights and trends from Cannes 2017 after it’s all over.

Take a look at our shortlisted work for To:

Hello, our name is To: 

To: marketing materials, which won three D&AD pencils in 2017

We are here
To: invest in awesome companies
To: change the way we do business
To: develop sustainable initiatives
To: promote good.

To: print materials; Cannes 2017

Because we only exist through the companies we invest in, so does our brand. Our brand lives through our partners’ brands: Every single touchpoint is layered over their existing digital and print material.

Hello, our name is To:

Check out some of our other work from Cannes 2017:

Z7 Dubai

Achieving harmony by capturing the beat of horses’ movements. Helping rider and horse perfect their rhythm together. Z7, an equestrian team with royal heritage, asked us to help raise its profile and set new standards. The unique identity and visual language of Z7 reflect the ability of horse and rider to synchronize seamlessly.

The art of laundry

The art of laundry: Cannes 2017

To celebrate 50 years of innovation at Ariel, we decided to honor the craft and creativity of the people behind the product. As a gift, we created an artistic poster set inspired by Ariel’s key benefits, using the product itself as a printing medium. The posters were sealed inside custom detergent bags and sent to team members and internal stakeholders. Our way of saying thank you, inspiring the internal culture, and kicking off the next 50 years of innovation.

Ariel: The Art of Laundry

Let them shine again

Let them shine again: Cannes 2017

For the elder LGBT community, a lack of caring advocates has made the group twice as vulnerable as non-LGBT elders. Laetus Vitae, a civil association in Mexico that fights for LGBT rights, realized it needed help shifting focus onto this often-overlooked community. We partnered with Laetus Vitae to encourage the elder LGBT community to open hearts and minds through stories. The goal: To let this community truly shine again.

Let Them Shine Again

Playing a new game: The Australian Open

Australian Open Identity on Flags

When is a tennis tournament more than just a game? When it’s the Australian Open. Landor helped reimagine the sporting event as a world-class entertainment brand that’s dynamic, interactive, and family friendly—an all-around Grand Slam. For more information about our insights from Cannes and The Agency Adventures, contact: 

For more information about our insights from Cannes and The Agency Adventures, contact:

Trevor Wade
Global Marketing Director


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