How to digitize the hotel health and wellness experience and stay true to your brand

Stuart Sproule, president, North America

The future of health and wellness travel revolves around technology. To capitalize on the $500 billion travel industry, hotel brands across the spectrum know they have to offer some degree of a healthy experience to maintain a competitive advantage. Many hotels are already adapting to this trend offering air purification systems, aromatherapy and healthy food dining options.

As hospitality companies continue to combat disruption brought about by Airbnb as well as stave off competition from new entrants into the industry such as retail leaders West Elm and Restoration Hardware, traditional hotel brands need to embrace new technologies to transform a guest’s wellness experience. But hotels should be thoughtful about implementing new health-directed capabilities and ensure that they align with the company’s brand.

Three important considerations to ensure that going digital reinforces your brand promise are:

1. See no tech, hear no tech.  Technologies should be seamless and not require guests to read a manual or be trained on a device. Devices need to be tested to ensure proper functioning and incorporated into the overall room and hotel design as much as possible.  The frustration of using the technology shouldn’t outweigh its health benefits.

2. What does your AI say about you? AI assistants allow hotels to offer connected room experiences. If possible, hotels should create their own AI using its voice, gender, name and personality to reflect the brand and its stance on wellness. If branded AI is not feasible, hotels should use the customization options available on existing AI solutions.

3. Don’t forget the human touch. Technology should enhance the personal, customer service a guest receives, not detract from it. Digital tools should be implemented to improve the wellness offerings, not to fully automate them.

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