Design at the speed of market

Today’s pace of business is faster. Disruption is normal, which makes alignment crucial. The market demands a faster, more agile approach to brand-building. So, we invented one: Landor Lab.

We sat down with Lori Gross, General Manager, and Valerie Aurilio, Executive Creative Director, to share more.

Valerie Aurilio, Executive Creative Director (L) and Lori Gross, General Manager (R)

So, what is Landor Lab?

Lori Gross: Landor Lab is a fast-paced, hands-on experience. We’re collaborating with our clients to very quickly solve complex brand challenges, so processes that had traditionally taken months now take about a week.

Valerie Aurilio: Our clients are coming to us with a compelling need for speed. We’re answering with an approach that allows us to champion big, bold ideas with real marketplace opportunity.

You mentioned your approach. What makes it unique?

Valerie Aurilio: Momentum beats perfection. We move full speed ahead throughout the course of the experience. 

Lori Gross: And, we’re driving organizational alignment. Our clients are telling us that they’ve never seen creative and design move through their organization as quickly as they have with Landor Lab.

How are you driving that alignment?

Lori Gross: It’s a two-way street. Our clients are active participants right along with us.

Valerie Aurilio: Collaboration is key. It’s fast and it can be messy. It’s also a lot of fun.

When would a client need Landor Lab?

Lori Gross: It’s right for organizations trying to drive rapid decision-making and quickly solve a complex challenge. It can work if you’re bringing a new brand to market or revitalizing an existing one. It’s also helping our clients who are trying to sell-in to investors to get funding.

How would someone out there know if Landor Lab is right for them?

Lori Gross: It’s not right for everyone, but when it is right, it’s driving business like never before. Email us. We’d love to chat: