Digital branding for hotels: The four E’s to success

26 April 2019 — Future winners and losers in hospitality will be determined based on how much they embrace digital to transform every aspect of their brand to create new, personalized, carefully curated and meaningfully differentiated emotional experiences for guests, write Landor’s Lulu Raghavan and Cornell’s Chekitan S. Dev. Much is at stake in a market heading toward a trillion dollars in value.

By Lulu Raghavan and Chekitan S. Dev
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Landor Families

16 April 2014 — Ten families, six years of survey data, and 720 answered questions reveal four major shifts in French consumer behavior.

By Luc Speisser

Perspectives 2014

2 February 2014 — Our viewpoints on branding appear in numerous publications throughout the year. We annually publish a selection of them in Perspectives.