What’s next then?

28 May 2020 — I imagine, that if your day is anything like mine, you are sitting in your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or garden table if you are lucky, having done 3 or...

By Carol-Ann White

Sport: A positive platform in a pandemic

30 March 2020 — How can firms even think about growth at a time where their primary product, live sport, is no longer available for fans? History and data have taught us that when brands act effectively in a time of crisis, they emerge far stronger than competitors after the event. So, what can sports brands do to remain relevant when disappearing is not an option?

By Gary Bryant and Rebecca Benson

‘Ford vs Ferrari’: How to make a movie without overt product placement

18 December 2019 — Making a feature film with two well-known automobile brands in the title could be perceived as shifting product placement to an entirely new level. Interestingly, director James Mangold’s take on two industry rivals back in the 1960’s is not the first-time brands have featured prominently on the big screen.

By Nick Foley